Routinely Energizing: Round 1!

Tackling a topic like how to stay energized throughout the day seems a bit ambitious for one of my first few posts, so here are a few things I do to stay as sharp as I can even when under pressure or when I’m feeling foggy. The best remedies come in 3s, I have found; because they’re easy to remember, fast enough to fit into a busy life, and enough to make an impact. To guide these tips, I’ll stick to a format commonly known: Mind, Body, Spirit. Focusing on each of these at least once a day maintains a positive environment for growth.

Mind: Read. Pick up a book. For pleasure. Just a chapter a day or however much time you can spare, spend some time getting lost in a book. I reread some fiction books to revisit beloved characters, and often go back through reference books to grab more information and increase my depth. To that I say, no more!  Although, some books on my shelves covers show the signs of their treasured usage, my challenge to myself is to engross myself the first time a read a book so I never need to revisit it. By doing this I will be able to expand through reading more titles and not need to repeat a selection. This, also, means when I return to a book it will be by choice, its subduing language or compelling perspective. Reading can increase emotional responsiveness and help foster imagination, both are valuable tools in a time lacking such subtle skills. Do your brain a favor, open up a rivetting read.

Body: Stretch. Elongating muscles in a controlled manner will release tension held there or in the tendons holding bone to muscle. Since everyone is so different, explore techniques and find a routine that works for you. When exercising regularly, stretching becomes crucial to maintain strong and agile limbs. Stretching can be combined with meditation techniques and you can get a 2-for-1 combo!

Spirit: Be grateful. Take some deep breaths, close your eyes, and quietly search for what is being given to you freely. This may start as material, but will sooner or later transcend boundaries of stuff. Keeping in touch with those concepts, write down what it is that comes at no cost, no earning,

More simple tasks for each aspect will follow and can be used in any combination. Since the MBS relationship’s importance cannot be overstated, there is value in working on them in tandem. Fostering one allows the others to thrive and this can build momentum.

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