Mount Hood

To begin our volcano season together, Matt and I set off Friday night to jaunt up Mount Hood in neighbor state, Oregon. We took a nap at a rest stop on the way down I-5. Both of our abilities to sleep anywhere has proven valuable in mountainous endeavors.



PNT FKT Attempt

Hello! I am announcing my intentions to walk the Pacific Northwest Trail from Cape Alava, Washington, to Chief Mountain Trailhead, Montana. I will hike by myself in a self-supported (thru-hiker) style; which means I will pick up supplies in towns along the way and from post offices (packages from home). I will be using only public services. I may eat at restaurants, if they can make something to go and I feel good on time.

The only stretch not touched by my feet will be from Port Townsend to Camp Casey. I will take one of the iconic ferries across the 5 miles of Admiralty Inlet. [Next time I hike this trail, I would like to cross in a kayak, which has been done at least once before]. If I leave the trail for a town I will return to the point I left it (Lyman). The trail meanders right through most of theĀ  I’ll be receiving packages at (Port Townsend, Ross Lake Resort, Northport, Oroville, Eureka, Polebridge).

My Spot Tracker will be my main communication to my friends and family. It will also verify my time. I usually mark where I stop to camp at night and where I take a midday break. For the purposes of verification I may check-in at points far from roads or difficult to access.

Thank you, PNTA. I am overjoyed that capable, passionate, dedicated people are looking out for the future of this trail. so many ecosystems

As of now, my intended departure date from Cape Alava will be June 21st. Summer solstice, yes, but more importantly it sets me up to hit post offices on weekdays. Also, the tides work on this day.

After shifting days around on a calendar for quite some time, June 21st lined up as the optimal day to set out from Cape Alava.

My window is narrow and has some restraining factors:

  • Post offices on weekdays
  • Finish by last weekend in July (home for family tradition)
  • Jury duty in early June
  • Tides

I will be providing photos and details of trail conditions to local land managers and the organizations that maintain trails.



In less than 100 days…

In less than 100 days… I will begin a thru-hike attempt of the Pacific Northwest Trail. Even though the past few years have been ‘training’ for this, the past few months I have focused on maintaining good baseline fitness. Now the fun begins! The calendar pages are being torn away as 2018 flies by, so I’m taking it up a notch. I have three more months to push some limits and get more comfortable with being uncomfortable; both of which are never-ending pursuits.

My most frequent training tool will be my figurative backyard. I live near the base of some solid Cascade foothills. They see little traffic, except by me, and weekend mountain bikers. There is enough elevation gain to keep me happy, especially since I can take mellow abandoned roads or fun bike trails. I run or bike to one of the many hills

Seeing the mountain on a sunny day motivates me to the top.


I have spent a lot of time indirectly training for this over the past few years by increasing the difficulty of my goals outside. My increasing baseline fitness has been widening my eyes to possibilities.

Hopefully, I can use this time to refine my body, mind, and spirit behaviors to be more effective and efficient! Building systems

Plant-fueled, human-powered adventures